Cooper's Story

The story of a terribly malnourished rescue dog, now healthy.

During our field trial study period for our equine product (see “G’s Story), we met a dog name “Cooper”. Candice, his owner, had recently rescued him from a poor situation. Cooper was very thin, lethargic, wouldn’t eat much, was vomiting, and had diarrhoea. His coat was dull, and he was depressed. His rescuer had tried different foods and medications, but with no improvements.

We mentioned G’s Formula, our equine product, and how it was helping horses with digestive issues. She asked if she could try it for Cooper. Our nutritionist created a formula that was balanced for dogs, and Cooper’s trial began.

The results were amazing, and so our journey began to get G’s Formula for Dogs developed, approved and licensed, and into the marketplace. We are thrilled to be able to provide a safe, organic, natural digestive aid for the multitude of dogs who suffer from digestive issues.

The feedback from our customers has been wonderful, and appreciated.

Candice's Testimonial

"My name is Candice and we were graciously connected with our new amazing furry family member Cooper through the SPCA. He is a lovely, caring mastiff shepherd cross and is now 5 years old. When we first brought Cooper home, he had just had teeth surgery and was neutered and a bit unsure of what was going on. The day he got to our home we showed him his bed – which he rolled on so contently and with each new toy we gave him, he ran and placed it on his bed.

He was clearly underweight, and you could see all of his ribs. We fed him three times a day and each meal he was so grateful. It took a few weeks for him to realize he would indeed get fed each day.

As I played with Cooper daily in our yard – and spoke with people that walked by introducing him to the neighbourhood and sharing his story – I met a lovely lady name Leslie. Leslie and I spoke about Cooper’s health and how I was slowly getting him used to eating. She explained she knew of a product that was formulated for horses, that she felt would benefit Cooper.

Cooper looking unwell before G's
Cooper looking healthy after G's

I began giving him the formula daily and saw such a wonderful change. His anxiety lessened, his bowel movements become firm, he began to be at ease with routines, his previous skin issues from having flees and not being treated for the flees went completely away, and the hair grew back, his coat was now shiny and full, he gained weight appropriately, his eyes were clear and his confidence grew.

I can not say enough great things about the formula and so grateful for Cooper to have had it, in order to help his digestive system heal, and therefore for him to thrive. So much of our health is directly related to the health of our guts and the same with dogs and most animals.

As you can see in the pictures he is a happy healthy dog! Our vet recently saw him for his annual health check and stated he is a picture of health!

If your dog is having any concerns with their digestive system, skin issues, behaviour issues, I would not hesitate to recommend trying G’s Formula for Dogs to help your furry family member."

- Candice, Cooper & Crew