Cooper feeling unwell
Cooper feeling better after G's

"I can not say enough great things about the formula and so grateful for Cooper to have had it."

- Candice, Cooper & Crew

"Our new Golden Retriever puppy had chronic diarrhea, always in the middle of the night."

"Harry often suffered from digestive upset usually manifesting as a gurgling and noisy digestive tract. At least a few days each week he would refuse to eat."

"Within 4 weeks of putting him on a 1/2 tsp twice daily dose of G's Formula we noticed his digestive system was functioning much better"

"Jordan has done amazingly well on the G's Formula for Dogs. He barely scratches anymore and his skin has cleared up."

"I would recommend that anyone with a dog with some ongoing tummy issues try G's."

"We started feeding G's Formula for dogs and after 5 feedings her coat has gotten a beautiful sheen to it"

Heather's dog feeling sick
Heather's dog feeling well after G's

"I was skeptical that this product would help her but I figured that I had nothing to lose. Well let me tell you, this stuff is a friggin miracle!"

Heather L - Victoria BC

"It's now a staple in his diet, and helps tremendously with his digestion - now, I never let this run out!"

"After just a short while on the G's Formula, Cooper's stomach has stopped making loud noises, his watery eyes disappeared and he no longer gets sick."

"My 9-year-old Weimaraner Stella was diagnosed with pancreatitis about a year ago."

"Sandy is a happier, healthier dog. After 8 years of suffering, she is symptom free! G’s formula is nothing short of a miracle!"