G's Story

Giotto looking unwell by a barn

I purchased G in November of 2007 for my daughter as her next dressage horse. For the first few years he was relatively healthy other than a recurring sinus infection that was eventually cured with several rounds of powerful antibiotics. By 2011 his health was deteriorating, he was having some mild colic episodes, recurring loose manure, and his work ethic was declining. He was put on several rounds of Omeprazole, Gastroguard, Sucralfate, and we tried many different hays, different vitamins, minerals, digestive aids, probiotics, Chiropractic, etc. Some made a bit of difference to his manure and diarrhea, but he grew more lethargic and unhappy. One day in 2013 he had foul discharge from one nostril, so we went to the hospital for suspected tooth infection. As it turned out he had abscesses throughout his sinus cavity, which took 4 ½ hours of surgery to clean up along with more antibiotics and pain meds.

Over the next few months the sinus healed, but his tummy got worse, and he had bouts of mild laminitis during the worst times. More ulcer meds, blood work, feed changes, but he was still not happy, was not rideable and started to look like an old worn-out horse. He had no topline muscle, a big bloated belly and poor coat. His bum and hind legs had to be washed every day. By November of 2015 we were out of options. He was obviously no longer enjoying life.

As a last effort, I started researching how the digestive system works, what it needs to be healthy, to rejuvenate cells, to absorb nutrients. Then I started researching into organic whole foods that provide the essential nutrients to support these functions, and heal the obviously damaged digestive tract. In early December I took him off everything except for hay and water, and started testing some foods on him a bit at a time. Interestingly, he was eager to eat them.

Giotto looking healthy by a barn

Within a week, his tummy was settling down. Very little belly kicking, shooting diarrhea stopped, but his manure was still a bit loose and quite smelly. I think back on it as toxic waste coming out! Within 3 weeks, G had some light back in his eyes, was more alert and energetic and tummy was less bloated. He was far more comfortable on his feet. I was pretty excited to see some positive results, so researched some more, added a few more foods, and by the end of two months G was looking fantastic. His tummy was almost 100%!

At this point my daughter started some light work with him. He was very unfit and stiff after so many years of not working, but over the course of a month was starting to get back to his old self. By 6 months he was full of beans, bright eyed and enjoying life again.

During this time, a few friends saw the changes in him and wanted to try it on their horses. We also put our other horses on it. Soon word spread, so we thought we’d do a study trial. Horse after horse improved. Tummy issues gone, negative behaviours gone, soft and supple under saddle, and all relaxed and happy.

The opportunity to help so many horses with similar issues led us to the creation of G’s Formula.

We look forward to hearing many more success stories in the future.

- G's Family