Laura's horse looking unwell
Laura's horse better after using G's

"Our horse is a rescue we fed and cared for for a year with little success at improving her weight - the G's has made all the difference. Adding G's was the only dietary change."

- Laura F

"I no longer have to wash his socks and tail every day, or watch as his runs burnt the hair off his legs. Please don’t ever stop producing this stuff. It’s a godsend"

"After the first couple of weeks his bloated belly started to disappear and his skin became less itchy. By the 8 week mark his manure had become normal for the first time in his life."

“We cried a lot of tears, no one could help and our beautiful horse became sad and depressed, hung his head and his spirits were low. He lost muscle tone and had no top line to speak of.”

“It feels so good knowing I am healing my horse and not just masking a problem!”

“After 3 months on G's he has put on a good amount of weight and is eating up his hay rather than walking away.”

"I noticed a significant change in the digital pulses of the insulin resistant pony within a few days and they have remained mild to undetectable.”

Elvis looking unhealthy
Elvis feeling well after G's

"I have all 3 of mine on G's formula. I won't go without it now!"

- Jenny D

“My horse Honey has been plagued with diarrhea in different stages from mild to........ "EXPLOSIVE" for the last 3 1/2 years and bloated long before that...”

“We also discovered that this product has calmed his mind as well. He is still our Finn, just a better version!”

“She is also muscling up in all the right places and her bloating has completely gone!”

So in 6 weeks, my horse has gone from colicking weekly (if not multiple times a week), to a healthy, happy, and colic free horse! Thank you G's Formula!