Wirx: The Research

G’s Organic Solutions undertook this research project to determine if any natural food products could potentially help manage this disorder. There are several research studies on rats and humans using cranberry extract to control insulin resistance. No studies have been done on equines. As they have a much different gastro intestinal system than rats or humans, it was uncertain if it would work.

After 6 months of product development, a veterinarian-led trial was completed which yielded amazing results. All of the horses and ponies were confirmed to be IR and were all on consistent low sugar/starch hay both throughout the selection period and over the full length of the trial. No other dietary changes were made over the course of the trial. Blood tests were taken every 30 to 60 days depending on the point of the trial, and full CBC/Chem tests were also done at 3-4 month intervals to ensure no safety issues. The same veterinarian drew blood exactly 3 hours post morning feed for each horse every time, and the same lab was used for testing throughout. The average Glucose drop was 18.3%, and the average Insulin drop was 68.3%.

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