Wirx: The Story

Many of us know someone who has lost a horse due to the painful and long-term effects of metabolic issues; namely insulin resistance. Many years ago, this was the case for one of our horses, so when we discovered the amazing benefits of cranberries, we knew that we simply had to create a product that could have saved our guy “Liam.”

A horse eating in a field with a bucket of G's Wirx on the grass.

Insulin resistance/dysregulation previously did not have a pharmaceutical or nutraceutical treatment. The only way to “treat” it with a diet with low sugar and starch levels and regular exercise. While this is effective for some horses, others continue to have extremely elevated insulin levels. Like with our horse, these elevated levels put animals at risk of laminitis, which often leads to euthanasia.

There are a few human drugs that have been used, but they are only effective in some cases, only work short term, are difficult to administer or come with side effects.

These were all things that we had to consider when we later discovered that our mare Suzie had significantly elevated insulin levels. Thankfully, we had just discovered the research showing that cranberries had markedly improved insulin levels in both rats and humans- so of course, we had to make Suzie our guinea pig! After 10 days loading her up with cranberries, we tested her blood again, and amazingly, her insulin had come down considerably. So that was when the trial began! To learn more about the trial, go to The Research.